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Live Life Native

Native Highs is a healthy lifestyle brand that wants to help you make changes to live your life cleaner, greener and happier.

We host Retreats in southern spain, collaborate with like-minded brands and offer Restorative treatments across andalucia.

We started life in London in 2014 and amassed quite a following of morning yogis, outdoor lovers, morning ravers, vegan newbies and even pregnant native mamas.

Since then we started a family and moved our dream to Southern Spain where the weather and beach life has pushed us further into a beautiful retreat based path.

The Cubs

The people behind Native Highs are creative married duo Franny and Fenton who travel together, work together, create together and want to imbue their passion, energy and adventurous spirit into every area of Native Highs.

Franny is a Third Country Kid, born for the beach, the sun and its colours. As well as one half of the NH concept, she makes wall hangings, teaches Yoga, is a descendant of a Navajo tribe and a curator for interiors and influencers. 

Fenton is an artist AKA Fantom Warrior. He is a reiki master with lineage 7, Holistic masseur Level 4, A tropical urban gardener and a mad aficionado of old architecture and hieroglyphics.

Together they are Mama and Papa to baby girl Bamboo Ray and expecting another bundle earthside this July!

 follow their journey #ournativedream

Soph Gordon

Founder of Dust Granola. She is a plant based specialist, a recipe genius and super approachable. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a visit from Soph to cook up a storm at our retreats.

Follow her on Instagram: @soph_gordon



Danielle Redmond

Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Counselor who advocates organic, local, & seasonal whole foods as a path to increasing health and vitality in peoples’ lives.

Follow her on instagram: @yumyumguru